February maiko kanzashi

Continuing with my kanzashi calendar I present you with weeping ume February kanzashi:

Maiko ume kanzashi

I made also a mini version:

Mini ume kanzashi


How to take care of your kanzashi

Today a post without pictures, but I hope that it will be helpful for some of you.

Unfortunately silk kanzashi are really delicate and prone to dis-figuration, dis-integration with water and non-cleanable stains. Here are three most important tips how to take care of your flowers or if the worst happened- what you can do to restore it by yourself.

1. Keep the kanzashi in a separate box. It’s good to have the box layered with bubble wrap for extra softness.

2. Under no circumstances let it get wet as the water based rice glue will dissolve and completely destroy the flower.

3. If the kanzashi looses shape (petals get squished and dis-formed) use steam from the iron: while keeping the kanashi in one hand (to turn it around if needed) keep the iron at least 5-10 cm from the flowers and press the single steam shot button. Make sure first that the steam doesn’t throw the big drops of water as well. Repeat the single shots few times till the flowers magically regain their original shape. You can always slightly help the petals with your fingers to get the wanted shape.

Fortunately I didn’t have to clean any stains out of my kanzashi but if I would have to I would try with slightly wet cotton bud and gently rubbing the spot. If you feel comfortable with doing it of course, as this way you can easily damage the flower with the excess of water soaking in and dissolving the glue.

Furisode dressing and maiko January kanzashi

Last weekend I had a chance to have a geeky experience in dressing a Japanese person in kimono πŸ˜‰ My friend Ayaka will go back to Japan this week after being in UK for several years. My boyfriend proposed to take some photos of her as a leaving present and I sneaked out a bit about dressing in kimono. Β πŸ˜‰ I’m really happy she decided to go on with the idea! I had as well my friend Hong over, so it was a perfect kimono day for me. I love to have some nerdy time talking about my hobby, exchanging information and generally chatting about collection/kitsuke and showing off what I have in person! πŸ™‚

We dressed her up in my favourite olive green furiosode, and my new wisteria obi had a chance to be worn as well πŸ™‚ I couldn’t just say no to putting some kanzashi in her hair so my new maiko kanzashi got some wear as well! πŸ™‚

IMG_0236 IMG_0254 AyakaSo my geeky dream complete, lets go on with showing off the kanzashi!


It’s a 2010 January design for maiko featuring chubby sparrows, bamboo and of course aster for the base. This one is quite a senior version as there is only 3 red flowers and the rest is in white.

I made as well a mini version for my shopΒ with all red flowers and a cute blue sparrow.

This is a beginning of the maiko kanzashi calendar project that I will hopefully manage to update each month. Next is ume kanzashi for February. πŸ™‚

New additions to the collection

I know, I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself when I saw it:

Ro blue and green setor this:

Green to obijimeAnd this one was 50% off!

Ro red and green setIn other words, I got more ro accessories and none of them in pink! ^^; I need to promise myself that the next ro set I will get will be in pink. Definitely pink.

I got few exiting things as well, but now only photographed the obi -jime and -age. Need to get myself more motivated to photograph more of my collection…

Anyway, I updated my Obi-jime and obi-age gallery in ‘Collection’ so you can find my new items in there πŸ™‚


Christmas kitsuke and 30% sale on Etsy

Firstly there is another sale in my shop at the moment: 30% off when spending Β£10 with the coupon code CHRISTMAS2013 but only till 4th January, so hurry up!

Secondly I managed to get myself dressed in kimono that I planned to wear for the KDJ Birmingham Christmas Market meet up, but as it was quite cold that day I decided against that. So a green camellia komon (with a lot of leaves), ivory-gold nagoya obi with embroidered mandarin ducks and matcha green obi-jime and obi-age:

Christmas 2013 kitsukeChristmas 2013 kitsukeChristmas 2013 kitsuke

Fukuro obi collection update

Not as I have that crazy amount of fukuro obi and probably that’s why this is the first category that I decided to photograph πŸ˜‰ (not counting the easiest that I’ve already done: obi-jime and obi-age).

This is not all of my collection as I still have at least 1 fukuro at home. And this one is my newest addition:

Burgundy red wisteria and butterflies fukuro obi

For the rest of my fukuro obi click here

Accessories shopping

Recently I was concentrating on getting more accessories in the colours I felt I missed. It seems to me I have most of them covered now, but I realized on the way that I do lack pink significantly. That’s something easy enough to fix soon though. But for now I want to show you few of the nice bits I got in the post recently.

Fresh green setNew obi-age in a very spring green that matches perfectly with my green obi-jime πŸ™‚

Matcha green setLovely matcha green set that I put together. I have a feeling it will quite soon become one of my favourites πŸ™‚

Dark blue setThis blue is just glorious! I think this colour is in a good winter palette.

Summer beige and honey setThis obi-age looks so luxurious! I need to look for the name of vertical ro as it escaped me now…

Ro vibrant blue setI got this obi-age earlier this year and finally I managed to find matching obi-jime! πŸ™‚

Ro sage green and grey setThe obi-age looked on the seller’s photos as grey, but ended up being sage green, it still looks OK with the obi-jime and I love sage green, but I will still be looking for grey obi-age and sage green obi-jime to separate this set into two more matching ones.

Summer light violet setAnother vertical ro and it’s so beautiful! Can’t wait for the next ro season when I will be able to wear it πŸ™‚

As well I took this opportunity to sort out all of my accessories and photograph them (well at least the ones that I have here, as there are still some left in Poland…). I updated my ‘Collection’ page: Obi-age and obi-jime, so if you want a peak into my kimono wardrobe, please feel free to look around!

Shopping! Ichiroya obi x2

Some of the people show their new pair of shoes, I’m showing my new kimono belts πŸ˜‰

Recently I saw two obi that I just couldn’t pass so they were mine in a matter of few minutes.

Birds!ImageThis nagoya features sparrows which are the most common bird in the country I come from- Poland, so it is definitely something I really wanted for a while. I like how realistic those two males are in the bamboo branches. I wonder if it will arrive in time to wear it still this year? Hmm… I don’t even know if I have a kimono to match to be honest…

ImageOwls! I totally adore owls since reading the first Harry Potter at the age of 11. This obi was just too perfect to pass when I saw it the first time. It was an instant decision and I really can’t wait till I receive it ^^